What do our players think about Mental Health United?

Without our players we are nothing

Each week we run #FootballTherapy sessions in Brighton, we wanted to know what impact this was having on peoples lives.
Here’s what they had to say.


“I’ll always remember my first session at Mental Health United. It was a warm, busy summer Tuesday evening in Hove and albeit I knew one or two people there, I was still essentially the newbie and outsider before the session started. Before I’d even gotten a chance to kick a ball, everyone else made me feel so welcome and instantly part of the group that it felt like I instantly clicked with the group once the games started.

Ever since then, I’ve become a regular attendee to our Thursday sessions in Lancing and have enjoyed attending every possible session since! I’ve now gone full-circle and enjoyed being one of those to help introduce new members to our MHU sessions and ultimately making them feel part of the group straight away. The charity games and interclub friendlies have always been a welcome addition and I am forever proud to represent Mental Health United wherever and whenever possible!”


“Being older and having the opportunity to play regularly is amazing. It has given me an insight that while football is fun for me, other people may not always have such a positive experience.

It has been great to see this and try to lend my experience to help others improve both on and off the pitch. It gives me great pleasure to see other tackle and overcome their issues.”


“After suffering with a brain injury almost 2 years ago I was worried I was never going to get back into playing football, but after seeing Mental Health United on Facebook I decided to try playing again.

And now about 6-7 months later I’ve been going to Tuesday sessions as consistently as I can. Met a whole bunch of new people and brought 2 of my friends along to the sessions.”


“Mental health United has been vital in my life. Has helped me get through some troublesome personal issues. You won’t be judged. You willl enjoy having a kick about and everyone is so friendly.”


MHU has been massive for me since I started coming over a year ago now! I was struggling with my mental health and have had things going on whilst with MHU but it has been great for me to have MHU to help me socialise in the best way I can, playing football.

My mental health is in such a better place because of MHU and the people that are involved in it! I have made some great friends through it!


I’ve been going to sessions for nearly 6 months now. I never thought I’d play football again but MHU changed that. Now I play once or twice per week and even played in a charity match and friendly. The last time I played was in my teenage years and now I’m in my thirties.

My ability didn’t matter, the only thing that matters is that you feel better after the sessions than before. All types of people, all at different points in their lives just getting together over the simple game of football and leaving with smiles on their faces.

It’s special. It’s improved my fitness, I’m making friends and it gives me the desire to improve my game every week. I look forward to playing every week and am excited for the MHU future.


“Before I started coming along to Football Therapy I was feeling terrible about myself and struggling with issues in my personal life. Being here, playing football with a great group of people, brought back the confidence I had lost over the past few years and brought the happiness I was losing back.


“I’d been offered counselling sessions in the past but the idea of that is quite daunting to me. After sending MHU a message and talking through the concept and what it would entail, it just made me feel a lot more comfortable.

I’m 31 now and I haven’t really played football since the days of being at school or college. It was nerve-wracking for me to go along initially because I hadn’t played in such a long time. I find it hard to put in to words what this idea and project does for me, but I just feel comfortable and welcomed and it’s given me something to focus on.”


“Being 51, with lot of physical and mental health issues, I thought my days of playing regular football were over at 43. Playing over 50’s and disability walking football was only way of playing game I’ve loved all my life.

Finding MHU and going along to first session was made to feel welcome from the off.

A couple weeks later I brought my step son along, which has helped our bond. Not only has it helped me and my mental health, I have seen how my step son has grown in confidence through out his time with the club the encouragement he and I both get at every session is amazing.

Through MHU they gave me the opportunity to play in an 11-a-side match for first time in 9 years, something I thought had now passed me by.”

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“Since joining MHU I’ve gone from an individual with no confidence to loving football again. Being with the right people at each session makes it easier to enjoy the passion for the game. I don’t what I do without it. Thank you for starting this team.”


“This year has been the hardest year of my life mentally and there have been so many times where I’ve felt so stressed and lost. Being a part of Mental Health United has been such a lifeline because it has given me an escape from whatever else is going on in my life and for one hour on a Tuesday evening, all that matters is football. I would usually feel nervous playing football around others as I’m not the most confident player, but the friendly and encouraging environment always makes me feel welcome and I never feel like I’ve let anyone down if I make a mistake. No matter what mood I’m in when I arrive, I always leave feeling so much happier and for me it really makes Tuesday the best day of the week.

Football is so important to me and I love getting out and having a kick about. Having that time with the crowd at MHU means so much to me and the positive impact it has on my life transcends the one hour a week that I spend with them.”


“Great night! Hats off to you, football therapy has been a great help and definitely helped my mental health. You’re doing a great job!”


“Approaching my mid 40s , I had disconnected from looking after myself physically and mentally and put family and work first like many of us do. With a love of football from early childhood and playing until my early 20s i knew football was always my escape but had thought the good times were in the past .

Finding Mental Health United and what they offer was the avenue I knew I needed but had no idea it existed . MHU has really helped my mind to be free to myself , and not only improve my own well-being but I find supporting and helping others most rewarding too .

I can honestly say the welcoming bunch of guys and girls of all backgrounds , abilities and fitness make the set up even better , and I thank them all for such, as it really is a powerful and supportive set up and I would highly recommend it to anyone.”