Connecting football projects from across the UK

Welcome to the
Charity Football Conference 2023

Interested in joining us?

We’re currently gauging interest in organising this event for 2023. We’ve started conversations with venues and are looking at potential dates. If you’re interested in attending the event and keeping up to date simply submit your email.

Our vision for Charity Football Conference 2023

We’re at the very early stages of planning this event. Our ultimate mission is to create a conference that is dedicated to educating and supporting charity teams from across the UK. Here’s what we’re aiming to achieve:

  • Find an elite venue with good access from across the country
  • 10-12 speakers to share their stories including:
    • Pros / Ex-pros
    • Officials / Ex-officals
    • Founders of charity teams
    • Mental health professionals
    • Sport scientists
  • Opportunities to socialise with other attendees
  • Evening social event / activity to wind down from the days presentations